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I was a meaty girl since I was a child, but didn’t feel the need to lose weight until I was in high school. At that time, the most common way to lose weight was to eat apples, bananas, and boiled eggs. Indeed my weight dropped from 120 lbs to 90 lbs, but my body was weak and lack of energy. After maintaining for a period of time, my weight rebounded, so I continue dieting back and forth to lose weight, causing the loss of precious muscles. In addition, I don't like to exercises, so my body become watery tofu.

I have continued a life of zero exercise and diet, until after marriage I gave birth to two children, since then the weight became even more out of control. The postpartum weight was as high as 140 lbs, and I couldn't wear the clothes I used to wear. Therefore I made up my mind to go back to diet, but this time it didn’t help much.

Fortunately, I learned the ketogenic diet and heavy training exercises, I finally lost weight and gained more muscles. Now my body is much stronger than before, so I don’t need to go back on diet. 


Our shop use healthy natural ingredients, replacing refined sugar with natural sugar, increasing the content of good fat and protein, thereby improving the overall nutritional status of the dessert

We produce food that loves you!

從小就是肉肉女孩, 直到上高中才有意識減肥. 當時最常用的方式就是節食, 吃蘋果, 吃香蕉, 吃水煮蛋的方式來減肥. 從120磅變到90磅, 外表上的確是瘦了, 但整個人沒力且沒有精神. 維持了一段時間後又返彈了. 於是來來回回不斷節食減肥, 引致寶貴的肌肉流失, 加上不愛做運動, 成功變成了泡芺人體質。


一直維持零運動和節食的生活, 直到婚後生了兩個寶寶後體重更加一發不可收拾, 產後體重竟然高達140磅, 從前的衣服都穿不下. 於是下定決心要回到從前, 甚至更好! 但這次節食都幫助不大. 

今次幸好透過生酮飲食和重訓運動, 終於瘦了下來而且肌肉增多了, 現在身體比以前強壯得多, 不用再節食. 


我們店舖的蛋糕採用了一些最健康的成分, 用天然糖代替了精製糖, 增加了良好的脂肪和蛋白質的含量, 從而改善了甜點的整體營養狀況. 


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