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Keto Mochi / Low Carb / Sugar Free

Hazelnut Chocolate - Unique recipe, can't be found else where.

The texture is soft and smooth, combining with fragrant hazelnut chocolate.
Prefect companion for afternoon tea or as a snack. 
It can bring pleasant taste enjoyment.


生酮麻糬 / 低碳 / 零卡糖

- 生酮配方,沒有加入糯米粉和麵粉100%低碳
- 使用羅漢果糖,身體不會吸收,減低卡路里
- 生酮/低碳/關注血糖人士也可食用


Keto Mochi 糯米慈(可切五件)


318 Calories 卡路里

14g Protein 蛋白質

21g Fat 脂肪

9g Carbohydrate 碳水化合物

Hazelnut Chocolate "Keto" Mochi 榛子巧克力 "生酮" 麻糬

  • Order must be placed 4 days in advance and will only be proceed after payment confirmation. 

  • Order $100 or above - Richmond Hill / Markham / Vaughan / Scarborough / North York / Downtown / Aurora / Newmarket / Mississauga / Oakville / Brampton

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