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The owner strictly selects Valrhona 100% dark chocolate from France, which is known as Hermes in the chocolate industry. It is the leading chocolate raw material brand on the market and the first choice for the world's top pastries! The cakes we produce have an unique sweet aroma, richness, and delicate and smooth texture. They are not only healthy and nutritious, but can even be eaten by people with diabetes! Served with homemade sugar-free chocolate hazelnut spread, the level is increased by 100%

The reason why 100% dark chocolate is so fascinating is that it is healthier than other chocolates! For example: labeled 70% dark chocolate = 70% is pure cocoa and cocoa butter, and the remaining 30% is sugar or milk. 100% dark chocolate has the lowest sugar content, which is why cocoa remains popular for so long!


店主嚴選來自法國的法芙娜Valrhona 100%黑巧克力,被美譽為巧克力界中的Hermes,是市面上首屈一指的巧克力原料品牌,是世界頂尖糕點首選!我們製造出的蛋糕具有獨特的甘香、濃郁、口感細緻柔滑,不僅健康營養,就連糖尿病人士可食用!配上自製無糖朱古力榛子醬,層次提升100%




Nutritional Ingredient 營養成分


Cream Cheese 芝士乳酪

Whipping Cream 淡忌廉

Monk Fruit Sweetener 羅漢果糖

Vanilla Oil 雲呢拿油

Egg 蛋

Hazelnut 榛子


6" 吋

1.7 lbs 磅


Whole Cake 整個蛋糕

1860 Calories 卡路里

13.8g Carbohydrate 碳水化合物

172g Fat 脂肪

54g Protein 蛋白質


8" 吋

3 lbs 磅


Whole Cake 整個蛋糕

3510 Calories 卡路里

22.9g Carbohydrate 碳水化合物

321g Fat 脂肪

105g Protein 蛋白質

Hazelnut Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Basque Cheesecake "Keto" 榛子金莎朱古力巴斯克芝士蛋糕 "生酮"

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