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Mid Autumn Festival Gift Box (Sesame Peanut Golden Egg Yolk Pastry) 

- Box of 6 pieces

- Special Exclusive Recipe

- Sugar-Free

- Flour-Free


Suitable for those who pay attention to health, it is the best gift for the elderly. Rich in taste, salted egg yolk and sesame peanut are integrated into one. Eat healthily without being stagnant, innovative formula while retaining tradition.


Limited Quantity 

Pre Order Today for $59.99


中秋禮盒 (芝麻花生金沙蛋黃酥)



- 獨家配方

- 無糖

- 無麵粉


適合注意健康人士, 送禮給老人家首選. 

口感豐富, 鹹蛋黃和芝麻花生融為一體. 

食得健康不會滯, 創新配方同時保留傳統.


數量有限, 售完即止. 

請及早預訂 $59.99



Nutritional Ingredient 營養成分

- Whipping Cream 淡忌廉

- Monk Fruit Sweetener 羅漢果糖

- Egg 蛋

- Salt Egg yolks 鹹蛋黃

- Almond Flour杏仁粉

- Psyllium Husk Powder 洋車前子

- Peanut Butter花生醬

- Sesame Powder 芝麻粉

- Butter 牛油


每個 Per Piece

280 Calories 卡路里

5g Carbohydrate 碳水化合物

19.8g Fat 脂肪

12g Protein 蛋白質

Mid Autumn Gift Box (Sesame Peanut Golden Egg Yolk Pastry 中秋禮盒 (芝麻花生金沙蛋黃酥)

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