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Uji Matcha Keto - Mochi Basque Cheesecake 

Strictly select Uji matcha powder from Kyoto, Japan, which has a history of 100 years. Because the local climate and environment are very suitable for tea plantation, the green tea produced is of the best quality, and it is also the origin of the world's top pure matcha.  The Keto Uji Matcha Basque Cheesecake is smooth in the mouth, sweet but not bitter in the aftertaste, exuding the aroma of green tea.

In addition, homemade keto mochi is added, and psyllium seed powder is used instead of glutinous rice flour, which is soft, smooth and chewy.


宇治抹茶偽麻糬巴斯克芝士蛋糕 "生酮"


Nutritional Ingredient 營養成分


Cream Cheese 芝士乳酪

Whipping Cream 淡忌廉

Monk Fruit Sweetener 羅漢果糖

Vanilla Oil 雲呢拿油

Egg 蛋

Uji Matcha 宇治抹茶



6" 吋

1.7 lbs 磅


Whole Cake 整個蛋糕

1690 Calories 卡路里

12.5g Carbohydrate 碳水化合物

156g Fat 脂肪

49g Protein 蛋白質


8" 吋

3 lbs 磅


Whole Cake 整個蛋糕

3190 Calories 卡路里

20.8g Carbohydrate 碳水化合物

292g Fat 脂肪

95g Protein 蛋白質

Uji Matcha Keto Mochi Basque Burnt Cheesecake "Keto" 宇治抹茶偽麻糬巴斯克芝士蛋糕 "生酮"

  • Order must be placed 3 days in advance and will only be proceed after payment confirmation. 

  • Our staff will contact you for shipping arrangement after payment confirmation.


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